Not All Research Is Created Equal

We are global.  We are fast.  We are a complete solution to your research needs.  Target’s mission is to help you identify opportunities, build markets, solve problems and get a competitive advantage. With a solid framework of experience and leading-edge technology, we provide superior customer service with the highest quality research, actionable results and added value at competitive prices.

No bait and switch at Target.  You work with seasoned senior executives throughout the duration of the project because we know how frustrating it can be to have a savvy salesperson sell you the project and disappear until the final presentation.  That’s why our executives switched from big box research vendors to Target’s boutique style of research.

We help you connect the dots.  That’s what experience gives you.  We’ve been in your shoes on the client side, and we’ve been in the trenches on the vendor side.  Both are invaluable experiences that we bring to the table with each and every project.  We use tools that work and continually evolve methods to stay current with the dynamic and ever-changing research landscape – both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We have a unique ability to distill complexity into simple truths that inspire brand teams.  We use the power of storytelling as its narrative glue.  Our work reflects our passion for creativity, excitement for discovery and the daily enjoyment of partnering with our clients. We dig deep, work efficiently, and have the tools to help sharpen your game!

For us, every client is a partner – that’s why we get to know our clients even before we do our first project together. Work with us and we will listen, ask questions and constantly adapt to stay in tune with the trends and your evolving needs. Understanding you and your company helps us recommend custom-tailored research and proprietary tools to meet your objectives.

A Complete Research Solution

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