All-In-Plussm combines traditional quantitative research with social media data and consumer videos to provide insights that are more valuable and more accessible than ever before.

The result is a report with keen market analysis, but that also lets the market talk directly to you through video clips, driving home the points that matter most in the consumer's own words.  All-In-Plus lets you get the unvarnished truth about consumer attitudes towards your brand, and helps you connect with the emotions that drive purchase behavior.

Traditional market research and social media analysis turns people into numbers.All-In-Plus sm brings them back to life again.





  • Shows how people talk about your category, your brand or your event online and it relates it to traditional research.
  • Within the online arena, All-In-Plussm shows what aspects of the dialogue lead to positive or negative purchase intent or engagement with your brand (Evangelism Model). Comparing this with traditional data gives an enhanced understanding of your effort’s impact.
  • Allows you to connect the emotionality in the social and digital world with that of the traditional data spectrum (Emotionality Model – Joy, Love, Surprise, Anger, Fear, Sadness and other emotions).
  • Provides insights into the most appropriate environment to leverage your important benefits, it adds tonality to your message.


  • The Video Spotlight brings to life the important benefits found in traditional data and/or social media data that are necessary to market your brand.
  • As one marketing executive put it, “Video Spotlight comes across as sexy”.


ANALYTIC INSIGHT WHEN YOU NEED IT: Insight in real time with easy to understand visualizations and drilldown capabilities, allowing you to analyze both traditional results and social conversations.

EASE OF USE: From designing the dashboard to allowing each person to see what they need to see, to one-click exports to numerous applications.

ADAPTABILITY TO YOUR NEEDS: Our rapid development process allows modification of the dashboard to fit needs. Information flow can be modified and fine-tuned.