Global Market Research

No two audiences are alike. If you want to build and maintain global appeal for your brand, you need your message to speak to the specific needs of your markets – wherever in the world they might be.

With Target, you get a partner with proven expertise in international research and the global reach your business demands. Through our robust partner network, we have successfully concluded both business and consumer research projects in nearly all major markets:

  • Western Europe (UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece)
  • Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Baltics, Russia)
  • Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark)
  • Latin America / South America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela)
  • Asia/Pan Pacific (Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India, Thailand)

Target also provides stringent two way translation services for a number of languages, as well as outstanding international quality assurance that includes briefing, validation and monitoring services. Give your business the international insight to succeed in a globalized marketplace.