Exploratory Qualitative

Our promise is to answer your research questions through faster, budget responsible, quality driven methods with senior level attention every step of the way.

We stand out because we are smart, experienced, creative, flexible, value-driven and fiercely curious.
We know research is both art and science.  We’ve held executive positions at both Fortune 100 client companies in retail and consumer goods and big box research firms.  We get the issues and we help solve the problems in ways that stick.

A Competitive Advantage That Matters

  • We work seamlessly across all industries and academics building our toolbox with each engagement
  • We have the flexibility to build customized designs that can include both the softer ‘empathy building’ to deep dives with more rigor – we are a one-stop shop but not a one size fits all – online, mobile and on-site
  • We also are seasoned workshop facilitators and trainers to help internal teams creatively problem solve in a productive way
  • We are brand builders and strategists in addition to researchers
  • We work across all levels – entry level to CEO
  • Most importantly, we help you influence change that leads to growth

Our client side experience makes this step efficient and seamless

Our diverse experience allows us to objectively recommend the right approach

We have full-time project managers not outside contractors who have the potential to leak sensitive information

We dig deeper  with projective techniques  to unleash  emotions and influencing drivers  that are hard  to articulate 

We are so confident in our results that we’ll ask our clients to call you and tell you first-hand!

Reach People Where It Matters Most

From traditional moderator-led groups to innovative and multi-sensory formats, we enable powerful exploratory methods to deep dive the underlying category drivers by engaging consumers in ways that unveil real habits and patterns.


  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnographies
  • Shopalongs
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Employee Immersions
  • Mobile
  • Video Diaries

Know Your Human Workshops

This process can jumpstart ideation sessions or simply serve as human “check-ins” so that business decisions are made from your target’s unique point of view.
When marketing is driven by the core truths about your consumer, it is powerful. But human nature being what it is, we tend to make decisions based on our own experience with a product. . .not that of the end-user.

Our disciplined yet free-flowing process will help you understand your consumer beyond the demographics and objective data points. Amplifying key drivers to behavior layered by both social and aspirational norms – digs deeper to give the team the confidence to move forward in a more empathic way – making business decisions that matter because they are relevant.

Build Communities

How does your consumer engage with your product? To impress? To nurture? To affirm self-worth? To save time or money?

Creating communities of people who matter most to your growth allows regular dialog to improve intelligence. You will meet your consumers online through an array of exercises to immerse your team in the end-user’s world. A trip to the retail setting. . .a visual journal of an experience… reactions to prototype ideas…all structured in a fun, playful format to unleash fresh, creative thinking in real time.