The Need For Speed

Target has the ability to put researchers and marketers in touch with their target audience like never before, delivering faster results, more actionable insight and lower overall research costs.

Realtimetm Insights In Real Time

Realtimetm Insights provide an immediate in-progress view of ongoing, stat-tested results for central location, internet or telephone studies.  When interviewing finishes, data are complete; no extra time is needed for tabulation, posting or checking tables.  Realtimetm Insights lets users analyze and react to incoming data in real time, change parameters or modify project design efficiently, add new lines of questioning or even end a study early to save costs.

Realtimetm Insights LIVE allows clients to listen as respondents are interviewed via webcam by one of our professional moderators.  Deeper probing and understanding gives you a true picture of how people are feeling about your concept idea, product or service that can be recorded, edited, summarized, presented to management and archived.

Ask 20 Questions – Get Answers In 3 Days

Help!  An unanticipated big meeting is scheduled and you’re asked to pull together and present some important information. We get it – we’ve been in your shoes on the client side.  That’s why Target can provide a flexible template for rapid results that is designed with the same attention to detail and rigor as more complex research projects.  We leverage online and smartphone tools to provide fast, even instantaneous feedback.  We can even show stimuli (concepts, storyboards, video, etc.) too!

Build A Company-Wide Brand Panel

Co-creating new ideas and strategies with your target audience is always a win-win.  By pre-recruiting your audience you can regularly tap into their creativeness and storytelling to build category and brand  empathy that is fluid and up-to date.  Plus, you can get quick feedback to ideas before more scientific and projectable techniques are employed.