We’re very excited to have Fran Nuzzi from Target Research present, “Social Media Research and Digital Discussion Engines to Enhance Research Insights”. Greg Spagna, Target Research Groups CEO, will speak on how Market Research has changed over the years and the exciting new direction we are headed.

Join us February 28th at 11:30 am in Room 4”.

We want to extend an invitation to chat with our senior staff at booth 615.  Let us share our experience on “All-In-Plus”, Managing Risk and Maximizing Opportunity.  Learn how Product Creation, Communication Management, Forecasting and Legal Research work in unison to create success for your entry.  Always thinking Outside the Box but never forgetting what’s INSIDE THE BOX, that’s what Target Research is all about!

Stop by booth #615 for friendly conversation, a sweet treat, a chance to win $1000 and to try your skills at a few games and win even more prizes!